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Transatlantic Rye Whiskey

old world,
cut with the new

Old world traditions combined with American distilling talent.
An exciting new taste experience.

How it’s made

is it whisky? or whiskey?
it’s both

A new kind of whiskey is here.

Inspired in equal part by the essence of our Surrey Hills countryside and the metropolitan dynamism of New York , Woodcutter’s Daughter challenges the norms of whiskey-making. It borrows some old-world ‘whisky’ and ‘whiskey’ making traditions but combines them with innovative British and US distilling talent to bring you an exciting new taste experience.

We’ve used the finest East Coast US and Surrey grains to deliver a rye which crosses borders in the pursuit of truly distinctive flavours.

Complex, bright and floral top notes combine with rich undertones and deep hints of vanilla to leave a lingering, satisfying sweetness. Delivering a rye unlike any other.

Woodcutter’s Daughter. A rye that goes against the grain.

Tick, tock

We have only got a small batch of this special whiskey available so order now to avoid missing out.

The Taste

Great flavour? Or great flavor?
It has both.

A transatlantic taste

Lots of rules were broken in creating this whiskey. Distilling talent on both sides of the Atlantic enjoyed total creative freedom from whiskey traditions or customs when making this innovative blend.

A combination of US East Coast and UK rye grains were used with some malted barley. During the fermentation process a period of no temperature control was utilised to contribute to the character of the whiskey. Either side of the Atlantic two different distillation techniques were then employed both a continuous still and copper pot still to provide further innovation in the process. The whiskey was then aged in new heavy charred American oak barrels and French oak casks for 3 years.

Tasting note
Warm and spicy with notes of green apple, honey and citrus


The Legend

A pool.
A prince.
A woodcutter’s daughter.

The Silent Pool is a picturesque location in the Surrey Hills, England. Since ancient times there have been many myths and legends attached to the pool as a spot of eerie tranquillity and beauty.

According to one legend, in medieval times a maiden was bathing in the pool when she was startled by a young prince on horseback. She refused his advances and moved away into deeper waters of the pool and tragically drowned.

The Prince became King John.

The young maiden was the woodcutterʼs daughter.

This whiskey is a tribute to her courageous and independent spirit.

The Serves

How we drink it